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To seek out and pass on knowledge, understanding and wisdom, creating opportunity for everyday people to balance lifestyle and financial wealth in a trusted environment of Personal and Professional relationships.

We show you how to build wealth around a balanced life. Not specifically which piece of real estate or stock to buy but how to systematically build, not only financial wealth, but day-to-day lifestyle wealth. We do this in a safe and progressive fashion which can help you set up life before the usual retirement age while supporting you to help reduce the risk of mistakes that could bring everything tumbling down.

Everyday Benefits

Everyday Benefits

We don’t live long enough to make all the mistakes, recover from them and THEN put that experience to setting up our future. So those ambitious enough look to those who have already walked the journey.

A Complete Program

A Complete Program

Let's ensure you have the pieces in place for a balanced life.

We help make sense of the two primary wealth creation journeys while underpinning that knowledge with good personal management.



Sporting teams have many specialist coaches for areas such as strengthening, nutrition, running; all meeting specific needs in specific areas. They also have a Head Coach, who oversees the work of the individual specialist coaches keeping a balanced approach to meeting overall goals.

Most people have many specialists around them: Solicitor, Bank or Finance Broker, Stock Broker, Health Practitioner, Accountant, Insurance Broker. However, very few people have a quality Head Coach or Coaching Program which helps them oversee the work of all these specialist professionals, bringing not only knowledge but understanding and wisdom.

Design a Decade has been the Head Coach for many individuals and couples over the past decades, bringing not only knowledge but understanding and wisdom with truth, clarity and common sense.

With the Design a Decade program you’ll discover:

  • True time management for all areas of life;
  • Trusted personal & professional relationships;
  • Simple systems to handle income & expenditure;
  • Ways to plan for all areas of life and learn enough to evaluate suggestions by others;
  • Processes to maintain your energy & freshness for the journey of life;
  • How to build financial wealth in a systematic, orderly & progressive way;
  • and so much more...


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Chris Freeman

About the founding Director

Chris Freeman is the Founder and Lead Coach of the Design a Decade Program. He realised in his early 20’s that there were better ways to create the life he wanted than working for wages. With the zest of youth he gave everything a go from a comfortable job at Qantas to a life of self employment which started with a lawn mowing business and then progressed through several restaurants and multiple real estate businesses.

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