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Our members have provided some real life personal stories for you to get a feel for how BWC can help you.

Design a Decade has given us the tools we were missing to move forward together in our relationship; with our family [of seven kids]; and in our three businesses. Without Chris and the Design a Decade program we would not be in the contented place we are today. Thank you Chris! 

Annalise and Stephen Logan

We can now tangibly see a platform for our life to flourish. The Design a Decade program has been an important tool for our dreams to materialise. 

Craig and Michelle Sparrow

Summing up the Design a Decade program for us comes back to consistency and accountability. There are no magic tricks, or special get rich schemes. It was simply about using common sense, being accountable to your coach and consistently working on yourself. When we started around three years ago, we lived week-to-week and had little to no money in the bank. Finances were always an issue and despite our best intentions, often became a point of disagreement. Since we made the decision to do something about it, things have completely changed. The skills that we have learned and then reinforced through the coaching program have been invaluable in the major changes in our lives over the past three years.

Darren and Melissa Fraser

We are so thankful that we discovered the Design a Decade program at the time we did. We originally needed to concentrate on time management issues, but an unexpected financial crisis occurred and this revealed both the flexibility and holistic nature of the coaching program. We are now mostly through the crisis and are feeling confident about the future. The program itself is only one contributing factor to the overall success experienced. The personal trust that quickly developed in the growing friendship provided much needed emotional support during testing times. I have recommended the 'Design a Decade' program to others who have similarly benefited. Thank you Chris, Heather and the Design a Decade Support Team!

David & Tuula Schaeffer

As is often the case, one doesn't seek help until a crisis is upon them. In my case I was heavily in debt on a dual occupancy development that was going south very quickly, it was my first attempt at property development and of course I was lacking some of the necessary skills, knowledge and connections. Thankfully my mortgage broker recognised my predicament and organised a meeting with the Design a Decade team. That's when it all changed and the situation started to rapidly improve! Although I had to extract myself from the development and in the process cop a reasonable loss, the coaching ensured that I not only survived but came out in good shape, and has also helped lay a foundation on which my partner and I can forge ahead into a bright future. It's just over 2 years since the "world came tumbling down", yet we are already looking at our next investment or development opportunity and I have never felt more in control.

Geoff Yeatman

We highly recommend the Design a Decade program. Before being introduced to the fundamentals of this program, we believed that we were doing just fine. We were a young couple with no kids, double income and we were enjoying life! Design a Decade showed us what we were not doing, and how not taking action immediately to secure our future would lead to disaster. We have now successfully navigated our first ten years, which included moving countries, the arrival of three kids and the launching of a new business. Our view of life has been greatly expanded... the Design a Decade program has helped us to stay on course. 

Grant and Angela Mascini
South Africa & Australia

When I started with Design a Decade I thought that most of the information was fairly straight forward and I struggled to understand the benefits. It was only after I gave it a real go for a while that I realised that I was looking at a lot of areas of my life with the wrong context. The Design a Decade program has taught me a lot about how to prioritise, communicate with my wife about investing and think more clearly about where I want to be in the future.

Hamish Ferguson

My biggest wake-up call was looking at 'the inevitable next ten years'. I didn’t want to be doing the same things at 53! 

Jennylee Taylor

It seems a strange part of human nature that you can know something, understand it, recommend it to clients and provide advice in respect of it, but fail to apply it to your own circumstances. A bit like mechanics having broken down cars, plumbers having leaking taps etc. By starting the Design a Decade programme, it has, on more than one occasion, forced me to be honest with myself and realise that it is important to practice what you preach and apply those principles to your own circumstances, regardless of your level of expertise, education or income.

Sean Shotter

As a family [with four kids] we always had the focus on building great relationships and we invested a lot into creating memories with each other. During the years we had some huge challenges to overcome [that] provided an awareness that it is important to have a balanced life – but we were still exhausted, because we neglected to take good care of our time and health. A very good friend introduced us to the founder of Design a Decade, Chris Freeman who presented the Design a Decade program to us. We knew that a balanced life is important, but we didn´t know how to implement it into our lives. By means of the program our quality of life is ever-expanding. The program provides methods and motivation on how to deal with all the important areas of our life in a simple and effective step-by-step way, which is accompanied by a fantastic, encouraging coaching team. The program has inspired us and brought back our hope that one day our dreams will come true.

Siegfried and Claudia Haas

The program is empowering and has encouraged us to take control of all areas of life and be wise in the decisions we make for now and the future. 

Stu and Katie Brown

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