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Design a Decade

Design a Decade

Design a Decade




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"'Design a Decade' has given us the tools we were missing to move forward together in our relationship;
with our family [of seven kids]; and in our three businesses.
Without Chris and the
'Design a Decade' program we would not be in the contented place we are today. Thank you Chris!"

- Annalise and Stephen Logan, Australia. 

Chris' mission for the Design a Decade program is 'to seek out and pass on knowledge, understanding and wisdom, creating opportunity for everyday people to balance lifestyle and financial wealth in a trusted environment of personal and professional relationships'. 
Discover for yourself what truly balanced lifestyle and financial wealth can look like for you.

Why is it all so important?

While schools, colleges and universities prepare us for our career skills, they do not necessarily give us the skills to manage the complexities of life. In his early twenties Chris noticed that so many people in their sixties had little 'lifestyle' and financial security to show for their decades of employment or business. At 23 years of age he ventured into business, and by his late thirties had substantial Capital Investments and Business Incomes. But a combination of the 1990 recession in Australia, and the consequences of some personal mistakes he had made, lead to everything he owned being sold and left him in debt. This book introduces you to the in-depth knowledge and wisdom that Chris and his team have developed on the journey to establishing this internationally acclaimed program. The Desgin a Decade program has helped Chris and his wife Heather – as well as many individuals, couples and businesses – to a better life. 

Which decade are you facing?


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