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This 12 topic curriculum is the foundation of the Design a Decade Program, which mentors people in 'Life Insights', 'Investment' and 'Income Development'. This program has brought so many people to a better life; well prepared for the decades to come. It is interesting that most people who engage in the program wish they had started this 10 years earlier, but are so grateful they found us when they did.

Support Team


Small Group Mentoring:

  • Mentoring from your group mentor and the coaching team headed by Design a Decade founder Chris Freeman;
  • Training from subject matter experts on a vast variety of life essentials, such as Real Estate, Retirement Financing, Estate Planning, Business structures, accounting, and much much more.

With this ongoing support and training from the entire Design a Decade Support Team, now is the time to learn LIFE!

Examples of people already enrolled in the Design a Decade School:

  • Singles or couples wanting to 'plan life in advance instead of fix life in arrears'.
  • Singles or couples heading towards having a young family.
  • Singles or couples with a young family heading towards the weight of raising teenagers.

Why Enrol?

  • To enjoy time for the things you love to do and to make time for things you know you should do.
  • To find and do life with personal and professional trusted relationships.
  • To have surplus income each week and to have no unpaid bills or unproductive debt.
  • To have your 'life yet to be lived' well planned and prepared for.
  • To live life fresh and energised.
  • To have a home to suit your needs and have secure investments for the future.
  • To transition to flexible and enjoyable incomes that you can continue until later in life.

The Design a Decade School has been developed primarily for those finishing their career education.

The school is available to all ages; however, the sooner you start the better equipped you progress towards the complexities of later life. It is particularly focused on those who have just finished their academic studies, are starting to build their career or business and who have a desire to get life set up early before the pressures of the beautiful chaos of bringing their children through the personal and professional pressures of their school years.



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