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Welcome to your
12 Week Time Transformation

A 12-week personal transformation designed to help you understand and use your time as you have never been taught. To empower you to make the most of your time, maximise productivity and achieve your personal and professional goals.

We have endured decades of our time being controlled by others.
It's time to take back control and transform how you understand and use your time!

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The 12 Week Time Transformation program is a comprehensive and structured solution to transform your approach to time management and productivity.

Through a combination of video lessons, written articles, interactive activities, and a weekly planning spreadsheet, this program equips you with the skills and mindset necessary to start building a better life, whether yours is currently terrible, great or somewhere in between.
Starting with how you understand and use your time.

Get ready to reclaim your time and take charge of your life with the 12 Week Time Transformation program!

Where You've Been...

Stressed or anxious
as deadlines approach or tasks pile up because you feel like there isn't enough time.

over activities or tasks causing unnecessary pressure.

Lacking an effective time schedule
resulting in feeling overwhelmed by the volume of tasks and responsibilities life and work bring.

Missing opportunities
that can lead to personal and professional growth.

Decreasing productivity,
lacking focus or having difficulty concentrating in managing time.

Rushing through tasks
leading to a decline in the quality of work or attentiveness to loved ones around you.

Continuously feeling burnt out
and struggling to balance demands on your time.

Neglecting time
for personal and social activities, which have strained relationships with friends and family.

Consistently failing
to meet personal or professional deadlines or achieve goals eroding self-confidence and affecting reputation and credibility.

Where You're Going...

A sense of accomplishment
through effective time management, leading to boosting self-confidence.

Efficiently understanding
how to use your time, enhancing productivity.

Running a well-managed time schedule,
reducing stress and anxiety and promoting a healthier mental state.

Healthier balance
between work, personal life and leisure activities.

Prioritising tasks
and managing time effectively, contributing to the achievement of personal and professional goals.

Increased focus
and concentration on tasks, leading to better quality work.

Improved and strengthened
relationships through allocating time for social interactions and personal activities.

Maximising opportunity
through efficient time use, increasing the likelihood of identifying and seizing opportunities.

Personal Growth,
skill development, learning and enhanced well-being, contributing and leading to a happier and more fulfilling life.

We have to have our own rigorous time schedule or we will be the victim of everyone else's rigorous time schedule.
– John Lewis 

Life is never under control so it must be continually managed.

Unfortunately, we have endured decades of our time being controlled by others, being told where and when to be somewhere. This is Level 1 Time and for most people takes up most of their 168 hours per week.

But we must understand how to use our time for the things that matter for our future – like Planning, Money Management, Investing and strengthening Relationships – and that they will only happen if and when we choose to do them. These are Level 3 Time activities and usually have the least priority in our life; the consequences of missing these activities are not immediate and sometimes take years or decades to appear.

Time Levels

Take control of your week, don’t drift. And set up the life you want to live, don’t continue to live by default.

The 12 Week Time Transformation program is a comprehensive and structured guide designed to help individuals master time management, productivity and goal achievement.

This program is meticulously crafted to empower users to make the most of their time, maximise productivity and achieve their personal and professional goals.

What Our Clients Say

  • My biggest challenge was time as I was always busy and definitely struggled with time that was not booked into my calendar and committed to other people; like time for me, time for my health, time for my husband (and now family).

    Ashley Middleton
  • Wow wow! I loved the whole 12 weeks! 12 weeks on Time is just the tip of the iceberg at Design a Decade. THANK YOU for the privilege of taking this journey with you!

    Kim Cox
  • The biggest benefit has been empowerment – to make positive decisions about myself, my future and my son's future. It actually gives me a sense of peace.

    Nicole Sparkes
  • The program was a reality check – it gave me the opportunity to re-evaluate why I do what I do. And it also equipped me with systems that I can use to plan and create a balance in the important areas of my life, as I journey my way to my desired end goal.

    Samson Usman

Meet Your Hosts

Chris Freeman

Chris Freeman is the Founder and Lead Coach of the Design a Decade Program.

Chris realised in his early 20’s that there were better ways to create the life he wanted than working for wages. With the zest of youth he gave everything a go from a comfortable job at Qantas, to a life of self employment that started with a lawn mowing business and then progressed through several restaurants and multiple real estate businesses.

Learn more about Chris

Beren Harris

Beren is a Design a Decade Mentor and Managing Partner.

With his ever-expanding knowledge and all he has learnt from his working history across many different industries, Beren now supports others who may be going through and preparing for these stages of life.

Learn more about Beren

What's Included?


12 engaging and informative video lessons
from Design a Decade Founder, Chris Freeman and Managing Partner, Beren Harris.

Bonus video instruction tutorial.
This tutorial explains how to navigate through the Preferred Weekly Schedule resource effectively.

12 Written articles of information.
Alongside the video lessons, users receive 12 in-depth written articles that supplement the video content. These articles dive deeper into the key concepts, provide real-life examples and offer practical tips to overcome common time management challenges.

Weekly activity sheets.
To reinforce learning and encourage practical application, participants receive weekly activity sheets.

Preferred Weekly Schedule planning.
The program includes a user-friendly Excel spreadsheet (can be opened in Excel, Google Sheets, or Numbers) that assists participants in planning their preferred week.

Lifetime access to the Member's Area.
This is your training centre – a 'goldmine' full of articles covering all your learning and more!

Ongoing Support.
Receive ongoing support from a Design a Decade mentor, who will regularly check in to ensure that your transformation stays on track throughout the 12 weeks. Please Note: Optional Extra.

Get started right now or talk to us about having a mentor walk alongside you for the duration of the program.

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You've got this!
Get started now.

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Transform your time with accountability!
Get support for the journey.

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Modules Covered

Weekly learnings empower you to take control of your time.

Still Have Questions?

Some frequently asked questions:

  • Who is the 12 Week Time Transformation for?

    This program is for anyone that wants to take control of their week and to transform how they use their Time. If you want to learn to set up practices and habits to feel empowered to set a schedule that works for you to maximise the 168 hours in a week, rather than simply letting them drift – then this program is for you.

  • Can I have support doing this program? What if I have a question?

    Yes, there are two options for you – with or without a mentor.

    We offer the 12 Week Time Transformation as a DIY-style learning application over 12 weeks, with email support as you do the program. So if you have any questions or issues as you go please email us at [email protected] at any time.

    However, if you would like to do it with accountability and the support of a mentor who regularly checks in to help you personally understand and apply the learning into your specific circumstances, please contact us via the form below or by emailing us at [email protected].

  • How does the 12 Week Time Transformation work? What’s included?

    When you sign up for the program you will receive lifetime access to our online Member’s Area (a goldmine of learning), weekly emails and reminders for your next learning, engaging and informative video lessons, with written articles to work through, activity sheets and exercises to track your learning, along with a Preferred Weekly Schedule in an Excel document to help you plan your weekly schedule, empowering you to live the week you want rather than drifting from day to day.

  • How can it benefit me?

    Doing the 12 Week Time Transformation will give you a sense of accomplishment by enabling you to efficiently understand how to use your time more productively. With only 168 hours in a week, this program will help you have a healthier balance between work, personal and leisure activities by prioritising tasks and managing time effectively towards the goals you have, both personally and professionally.

  • Can I access the 12 Week Time Transformation internationally?

    Yes you can! Currently the program is only delivered in English but can be accessed from anywhere, provided you have access to the internet.

  • When can I start?

    Immediately! The program is designed to work on a 12 week basis from when you sign up.

    Each new module, along with the learning and weekly activities, will be delivered to your email every 7 days.

  • How much time do I need to commit?

    Completing each week’s learning and activities will roughly take 50 mins, which is 0.5% of your 168 hours a week – a very small block of time required, compared to the great benefit you will receive.

  • What if I fall behind? How long do I have access?

    No problem if you can’t keep up with the weekly learning. You have lifetime access to the program so if you ever need to catch up, or need to go at a slower pace, or want to come back and go through it again, you can just jump back in.

  • What if I am having trouble signing up or viewing the video?

    For any technical support, accessing the content etc. please contact us at [email protected] and someone will be able to assist you.

  • Can I access the course from any device?

    Yes, provided your device has internet access and can receive emails.

  • Is there a completion certificate or acknowledgment at the end of the program?

    Life is never under control and so must be constantly managed – so to a certain extent there is no completion of the course, the process continues as you grow. You have lifetime access, which allows you to return as your circumstances change or you face new challenges, whether you need a refresher or want to do all 12 weeks again.

  • Can I get a refund?

    Ordinarily refunds are not possible, however, we understand that everyone’s circumstances are slightly different and that unforeseen situations may happen, so if you need to have a conversation about this, please contact us at [email protected].

  • How do I get started with a mentor?

    If you would like to engage a mentor for support and accountability, please contact us by using the form below and our team will be in contact with you to set up the process and receive payment.

  • Can I arrange a payment plan?

    For the $249 DIY-style learning application, an upfront, once-off payment is required.

    However, the mentor support at $990 can either be paid upfront, or we can arrange a plan of three payments of $330. Please let us know if you would prefer this when filling out the form below.

The best kept secret of the rich is not genius or brilliance – it's the management of time.
– Jim Rohn

Since the management of your time is your best kept secret,
there's no better place to start than right here!

Some of our Clients

Blake and Esther Brister
Brent Hodgson and Cassie Moore

Since being on the program we have welcomed the support from Beren to get the basics right, so we can build our capacity to level up and achieve our goals.

Gihan "Dr. G" Jayaweera

My wife and I embraced "Happy Hour", which is an hour that we spend each week reflecting on the week's Design a Decade module. It has helped us immensely with better managing our time, relationships and finances.

Miranda and Johnson Wei

We are a young family with two little boys and we always remember the quote, ‘Beautiful Chaos’. We wish we could have met the team 20 years ago. The program has guided us in the right direction with a clear vision for the future while enjoying different seasons in our life.

Rohan Weir

Our future is a lot more secure. We now have tools, resources and training up our sleeves for our future decisions.

Siegfried and Claudia Haas

As a family [with four kids] we always had the focus on building great relationships and we invested a lot into creating memories with each other. We had some huge challenges to overcome – but we were still exhausted, because we neglected to take good care of our time.

Get started right now or talk to us about having a mentor walk alongside you for the duration of the program.

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You've got this!
Get started now.

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Transform your time with accountability!
Get support for the journey.

Chat about Support

Want to speak to someone?

If you would like to dive deeper into the program or you are looking for some personalised support with mentoring, please fill in the form below and we will ensure you get all the info you need.

Let's take the journey to transform your time together!